Monday, July 14, 2014

Heart to mind

There was so much in her mind that manifested in her heart. Getting choked up, she didn't know where to start. Holding back the tears, she started to talk, voice trembling, she gathered her thoughts. The stream of words began with a slow start, those powerful words she had stored down deep in her heart. Steadily, the words continued faster, the emotions she felt, they weren't getting past her. She felt everything that was meant within her words. All she was giving, truthful and hers. A rush of thoughts, a stream of consciousness, her words vomited right onto his chest. Flicks of flying onto her legs. Not penetrating his heart, he let out a muffled hmm, with more of her emotions and words still to come. She anticipated a heart to heart; she had in fact opened up hers and was wanting the vulnerability, the clarity... she wanted reciprocity. Instead of exposing both of their deep thoughts clarified, she had actually just had a heart to mind. Her words, though from a place of emotional exposure and eruption, didn't penetrate his heart, but did in fact give way to his deeper thoughts. Not realizing the spewed words that hit his chest were honest and artful and beautiful in their own truth, he disconnected, and left the chat room.

Friday, May 23, 2014


I remember making breakfast in the morning on Saturday for and with him. I remember sunny end-of-the-summer days seeing him shine from the heavens as we'd wait for c to get off the school bus. I remember him bundled in his blue uniform on the sofa as he slept, sun kissing his face, resting before heading out for third shift.

I remember skittle vodka with him. I remember walks around the complex in the late evenings. I remember not being enough.

I remember the time I farted as he was performing oral and him looking at me with shame but slowly exiting the area and enjoying me elsewhere.

I remember our first date. I remember it was to taqueria arandas at 1 o'clock in the morning. I remember going to cheddars first but them being closed. I remember we talked for hours. I remember him taking me to valero and it being the first time I really saw him. I remember staring at him and him being so damn sexy that I asked myself who he was. I remember my reaction when I realized the man I was staring at and coveting was him. I remember since then, I haven't looked at him the same. I remember he bought me gas and put it in my car on the way home. I realize from then I wanted him.

I remember the first time we made love. I definitely remember he asked to shower after getting off from work. I remember being in the bed, listening, watching through the mirror in the adjacent bathroom. I remember him saying, "you think it's the first time someone said something about liking my lips?" I remember the towel he tightened around his waist after he exited the tub.

I remember how he would touch and kiss my back. I remember he's the only one who has ever and the one who showed me my back is as sensual as it is.

I remember he was always quietly confident with me. Even inside me, I remember him humming "mmm hmm" as he laid stroke after stroke.

I remember.

I remember him telling me that his raw dick was addictive, hence him continuing to use condoms. I remember it being addictive.

I only remember sunny days and nights with him. I remember the Halloween party and the long drive back. I remember I was drunk and I hated how my hair looked. I remember his costume and how the shirt didn't fit right. I remember how handsome he looked with his shades on and how proud I was as I held onto his arm as while he walked confidently into the room, head held high.

I remember some of what caused us to fall apart. I remember a letter. I remember the time he came up to my school to get the keys to my place so he could rest. I remember it was one of the last times I was with him. I remember the last time. I remember we put together a bookshelf and at the very end realizing that we put the bottom shelf upside down. I remember him asking me if I wanted to fix it and me telling him no. I look at that bookshelf every day and remember I was falling in love.

I remember he wasn't.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


He politely asked, "may I come enjoy your company tonight?"

He chose to rest himself in the peace here.  It wasn't a matter of escaping, a place to run away from the chaos. It was a place of solace for him, a place where his terrors were laid to rest in the comfort of the spaces here. He found his peace in my presence saying his monsters played well with mine, but my monsters always quieted his, and he enjoyed that quiet. He enjoyed that peace. Tonight, he was needing that sense of harmony and balance restored.

Here he didn't have to be anyone. There were no presuppositions in this place. This vast encompassing dark space of life's complications were filled with enough sparkle to light the sky that he saw when he was here.

There will never be anything more gratifying with him than knowing I am my King's place of peace.

In that time and place, making love isn't done in the dark. He respectfully leaves a single light on, silently gazes deeply into my eyes right before he leans in to kiss my lips. Each stroke is methodical. He enjoys taking in my breaths of passions, watching various places of effect, like the flex of my calf, the curl of my toes, or the tremor in my right bicep. He places his hands in mine and draws me near, inadvertantly penetrating deeper, calming me while simultaneously stirring a more unctuous arousal. A kiss to his forehead, a quick erotic impetuous gnaw to his shoulder, an impending orgasm is on the horizon. He releases himself, his hope, his passion, his desire, his fear, his complication, his lust, his past, his savage he says, and comes into the present state of being where the being of us is his comfort.

The cathartic emptying leaves room for the positive to enter and refill the pockets of space. He draws me close to his dewy skin, again hand in hand, wraps himself around me and inhales the positive we've perpetuated, refueling his tranquility and harmony.

Monday, May 12, 2014


A glass of wine in hand, condensation running down the side, stirring a nice steaming sauce. Naked under an apron, dressed with only the sexiest pumps, aroused by the air enticing the labia and the wine. She's cooking her lover's favorite things. Titillating aphrodisiacs: lobster with an oyster buerre blanc topped with caviar, served with a beautiful steamed asparagus. She's already prepared a pesto with basil and pine nuts with a crispy banana chip. Dessert is a chocolate cake with molten peanut butter topped with strawberries, bananas, and fresh whipped cream.
He's been watching her ample ass jiggle and big perky breasts bounce as she shifts from pot to pan. He enjoys watching his lady lover prepare for him the things he enjoys. She would rather him sit and watch her.  A sense of arousal comes from this act of putting on a show for him, entertaining him without words, a silent sexy movie with him as the only audience member. She never turns back to check his facial expression or the fact that hes biting his lips, besmirtched with her mass appeal. His decanter and glass are filled with his preferred whiskey. She knows exactly how to host her staring lover.
She bends over, so sensuously, exposing her glistening lips and inner thighs, as she retrieves the cake from the oven. Her breasts tilt forward and fill, her nipples stiffen and protrude through the apron. She sips her wine again as the cake rests. The lobster is now steamed to standard, and she butchers the tails to open the white and pink juicy tender meat. She prepares the claws into a decorative edible art piece and tops the entire production with the creamy buttery sauce & caviar. She steps back, in a dance almost, to admire her creation and places the last touches of asparagus and lemon on the plate.

She drinks from her glass, saunters across the kitchen, switching her hips in her heels and swirling her expectant juices, flaring the aroma into the air to combine with the decadent wafts of her dinner. She places the plate at his place and he pulls her to him, yanking the apron down. He dips his finger into the verdent pesto and glides it between her ample breats. He takes his full lips to her collarbone, bites her gently, and commences to lick his way down her cleavage. He silently beckons her to sit in his lap, where she opens her full thighs and stradles him. Wine glass in hand, she tilts her head back, and drinks. He immediately places his long middle finger into her saturated aperture and begins to slowly but sternly glide in and out of her. He takes his fork, swirls it in the sauce, cuts into the lobster claw, and takes it into his mouth, making a point of finishing his first bite with the taste of her exposed hardened nipple, simultaneously still gliding his finger in and out of her wetness. He continues this amidst her moans of obvious pleasure, but she stands up. He licks his fingers and continues to eat as she returns to the kitchen, refills her glass, sips, and looks at the brown cake in the white French ramekin and sweet fruit toppings.

She assembles his confection and delivers it. She gathers up his empty plate and clears the table of the accouterments for the aperitif and appetizer. She returns to the table, silently acquires his fork, and begins feeding him the remnants of his next course. The effects of the wine, the smell of the sensuous divine foods and her wet spaces overtake her and she begins to unbutton his pressed dress shirt, with the cuffs neatly and appropriate curled to the elbow, perfect for a relaxed evening she is staging. She bends over slightly, just enough for her sexy bare ass and wet pussy to be exposed to the crisp air. She bends one knee toward her lover and begins scoping his body with her red lips and tongue. Slowly. Kissing his chocolate skin down his neck, on his collar bone, down between his tight, smooth pectoral muscles. He grabs her ass, sits her back onto his lap, takes her face into his hands and begins kissing her firmly.

She is completely intoxicated and turned on. She pulls on his belt, begins to unfasten the leather strap. He pulls her hands away, quickly turns her over his knees and lands a hard swack to her ass. She let's out a guttural groan as her back arches and the sting sets in. Before she could brace herself, another striking blow comes down on her voluptuous ass. She winces and whines, only to feel his hands massaging her stinging cheeks. His hands spread her cheeks and his thumbs find their way to the wetness that is pooling at the base of her pussy. He teases her clit which releases her juices. The pheromones waft to his nose and he takes another smack, harder than the first. Her heels lift with her outcry. He sternly tells her to grab the stiletto spike and do not let go until he's ready for her to do so. He pops her four more hard times. Each landing, screams accompany the lashes his big hands lay causing her wetness to intensify more and more. Her clit is engorged and she's struggling to maintain her drunken composure, still full bodied straddling his knees. Without hesitation, he penetrates her wet opening with his thumb, driving it in hard and fast. Still holding her stilettos as tightly as she can, her pussy tightens up, clinches on his flange and she squirms as she explodes on his hand, down her ass, down his slacks. The orgasm causes her to release her hold on her shoes.

He scowled, but she is blinded by her orgasm. The austere timbre followed indicates she is to pay for the mess she was causing. She was being such a dirty slut, cooking naked, exposing her wetness and that beautiful ass to him, and she was terrible for the cum she squirted on his pants. She coyly looked at him and asked what she could do to make up for it. She smiled behind that drunken smirk, loving the fact that he enjoyed her this way. He begins rubbing his masculine hands on her ass again, and tells her the way she can make him happy again is if she gives him the tightness between her beautiful golden brown ass. She arches her back and perks and pushes her sexy wobbly ass up for him. He takes the wetness from her glistening pussy and strokes the opening to her pink tight asshole. She let's out a delighted whimper. He takes one finger, enters her hole with one strong motion. She gasps. He says, I told you not to let go of your heels, then forces the finger into her tight space again, swirling it around this time. She whimpers. He says this is awful, forces her to stand up and pushes himself from the chair. He pins her between his burgeoning dick and the table, grabs her neck, pulls her to him and bites it. He kisses her neck, unfastens the apron, yanks it to her hips, exposing her fill figured curves of her core, her full round beautiful golden breasts, which he grabs to twiddle her hardened nipples before he forces her face into the table and grabs her hips. He leaves her there, face down, ass up, daring she move an inch, finishes unbuckling his slacks. He changes his mind, she's not yet fully deserving of all of him, and only unzips the britches exposing his fully erect dick before he thuds it on her ass perched high into the air.

She makes no sound but spreads her black high heels wider, giving him access to view her full pussy lips, tempting thighs, and of course her ass. She grabs the edges of table, bends her knees ever so slightly and bounces her ass. She stops. Leans more on the table and slowly rolls her hips, pushing her ass up for him to get more of the view of her. She drops back down the table just enough and begins to fiercly twerks her ass, she makes it clap right there with his dick sitting there. Her ass is bouncing and his dick is bouncing right along rhythm. She knows he enjoys the freak show she puts on for him. He loves her ass, and she makes sure she shows him appreciation for loving it. He playfully smacks her ass, knowing she is wetter than ever. She claps that big ass of hers, he takes his big appendage and every time her cheeks come apart exposing her pussy juice it and her engorged clit, and begins stroking. She begins to roll her ass against his big stiff dick. He grabs his dick and presses it against her asshole. It takes her aback, she squeals and stops short, but begins grinding again. He presses harder. Pulls out. And harder. And pulls back. The tip of his head is in and she's full faced down groaning in the most erotic of ways into table. He grabs her left hip, holds it as he pulls it towards himself. He's going in even deeper. He's not pulling out this time, but guiding her hips back into him. Her mouth is agape and she's moaning more with each deeper penetration. He pulls out completely and says bedroom. She lifts from the table, grabs her ass cheeks, pops them a couple of times, and saunters to the bedroom.

She has the sexiest walk, ass cheek rolling with each hip roll. She's purposely moving slowly to give him full view of the wetness glazing the soft supple skin between her thighs. He watches her and removes his shirt, comes completely out of his boxer briefs, and slacks. Completely naked, the sun hitting his beautiful glowing brown skin, accentuating his Adonis physique, he goes into the kitchen, gets the wine, glass,  whip cream, berries, and chocolate and commences to meet her in the bedroom.
Still in her spiked heels, but sans the apron, she was on all fours in the bed when he arrived. He kissed her calves. He kissed her thigh. He kissed her ass cheeks, he kissed her hips. He kissed her back, sucked spots that made her let out gasps of ecstasy. He kissed her shoulders. He then took a strawberry in his mouth and began kissing her pussy, placing a finger in her exposed ass hole. She moaned and groaned. She rocked her hips into his face as his tongue lapped over her full saturated lips and flicked her clit.

He was on his knees eating her juicy sweet marinated pussy with expert skill. Lick, flick, suck. He was simultaneously fucking her ready ass hole with the thick long finger she accepted indubitably as an acceptable temporary substitute to his dick. She ground her ass in his face shrieking with each intense action of his amazing mouth, spreading her wetness on his nose, his cheeks, his chin. He took another berry into his teeth, between releasing the suction of his lips on hers, he enjoyed the juice of the fruit mixed with the sex juice he was causing her to release. The whip cream was now in his hand, he scooped his four fingers in the cream and smeared it against her engorged and aroused lips. He released his finger from her ass hole, finds the glass, fills its fully rounded base with wine from the bottle sweating in the heat of their passion engulfing the space of the room. She takes a long sip from the glass.

Before she could get her lips back on her glass to take another sip, she falls forward to brace herself from the unexpected pleasure his mouth had begun again giving her. His face was back between her lips, flicking his tongue into the melting whipped creamy sweetness dripping to her ankles. Still holding the wine, she gulps down the remainder, drops the glass to the bedroom floor just as he begins to lick the sweet cream from her right above the heels she's in. He tells her to stay right there, gets a softened piece of the baking chocolate brick, and places it in her mouth. She kisses his fingers, enjoying all the flavors, from the taste of wine still tingling her tastebuds, the bitterness of the pure chocolate, to the taste of his skin and her salty juices. She takes it all the way into her mouth sucking it just as she would his dick. He gently tells her to suck the chocolate as he slowly pulls his finger out against her tongue. He comes close to her face, kisses her lips, causing her already satiated pussy to gush even more wetness. He instructs her again to not bite the chocolate, that she is to explicitly suck the bittersweet brick.

He instructs her to get back on all fours. She is feeling the waves of intoxication, near orgasm, adrenaline, and pushes herself back onto her hands. He stands finally, standing back momentarily, staring at the beautiful bronzed body on the bed, glistening in the sun hitting the beads of sweat formed against her skin. She is anticipating what he will do next, she still owes him for earlier when she disobeyed him and dropped her grasp on her stilettos.

The oral play was just his pleasure. She knew he enjoyed looking at her body, and she was primed to give him everything she owed him. She was anticipating giving him every inch of the tightness he could fill. She perked her ass out, clasped her hands under the gushing but sticky cheeks and bounced them for him to enjoy. He takes his dick, harder than ever, traces her pussy juices and taps her clit, torturing her in the most intense way. This creates even more wetness that he continues to trace and uses to cover his dick's head. He drives his dicks, ever so slowly, still torturing her into her pussy. He slowly pulls it out. Once. It is covered from the head down to the base in her pussy juice and cream.

He takes the shaft firmly in his hand, and slowly begins to enter her tight hole. She stays firm on fours, but moans so deeply and sensuously that he pushes in deeper. He pulls himself out just a bit. Slowly. She let's out another round of sexy moans behind her closed lips, still sucking on the chocolate. As it melts it is filling her mouth with an intense bittersweetness that floods her senses as he drives his dick deeper and deeper into her and pulls back farther and farther. Still moaning, sucking the chocolate, she feels him deep into her now widening tight cavity. She says nothing, but moans and sighs, and mmmm and ahhh. She sucks the chocolate. He is engrossed in her, and she feels amazing to be inside. He begins to pick up speed pushing himself into her tight hole and pulling the shaft back faster and harder.

He can feel her relaxing with the pleasure he is giving her, but in one instant forces the rest of his dick into her ass. Shocked, she screams and falls to get forearms as the sting of his dick instantaneously stretching her hole began to ring. He pulled back to his head and forced himself down her tightness again. And again. She swallows all the remaining otherwise bitter chocolate that seemed to immediately fill her mouth with sweetness and lets out bellows of screams. With each drive down her hole, a deep, gutteral utterance left her agape sexy mouth. Finally, she was opening up, and she began to enjoy his dick being in her ass. Stroke after now pleasurable stroke, she was pushing back her beautiful ass on him, letting him get so deep into her. Her moans, her tightness, her wetness, her pushing back on him, fucking him like he was fucking her was driving him to near explosion.

He pulled out, startling her, but not stopping her, rolled her over exposing her hardened nipples and breasts. He grabbed his dick, entered her tightness, leaned down, kissed her lips through her moans. She grabbed ahold of his deep brown back, one hand gripping the small of his back, seemingly driving him more and more into her. He stared into her burgeoning eyes as he was continuing to drive himself into her tightness. He stared at her facial expressions of ecstacy, and leaned in closer where he intensely kissed her nipples, kissed down her chest and back up to her neck. She passionately kissed his shoulder, screaming her desire into it through the kisses, and rolled her hips into his, meeting each stroke of his with the same rhythm. He pulled back away from her, she grabbed his ass cheeks, thrusting her hips into his, eyes wide, shrill moans of pleasure from each time his dick slid down into her and she grinded back into him.

He was driving himself into her over and over, building up a sweat, she leaned up and licked off his chest. She licked his nipples, driving him into another state of being. He bellowed out he was about to come! Sshe cried out a deep yes, just as she lifted her leg, cupped his tightening balls, and he released himself into her. She let out a final orgasmic scream, and he collapsed down into her arms. She closed her eyes with him in her arm, and drifted off for a moment, but when age awoke, she was fully clothed in a silk pajama short set with a thin strapped cami, under the covers. It was pitch black.

She noticed the empty wine glass was on the night stand. There was no chocolate wrapper or remnants of the strawberries or her lover though. Concerned, she exited the bedroom and returned to the kitchen where it was spic and span. Everything was clean. The decanter was full, and each of the glasses sat neatly next to. Puzzled, she went to the front door to see if it was unlocked, if he left, he had no key. The door was locked. She returned back to the bedroom, confused. She sat in the edge of the bed, noticed the apron on the chair and began the attempt to remember the events of the night. She realized she couldn't feel anything like she normally would have had she just ended such an intense session. She looked at the wine glass on the night stand, cocked her head and shook her head. She just didn't know. Was she dreaming this entire thing?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oatmeal Cookies

3/4 C butter, softened
3/4 C white sugar
3/4 C packed light brown sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 3/4 cups rolled oats, I used instant.
1 C craisins (any flavor, but strawberry would be best)
3/4 C white chocolate chips
8 fresh strawberries
1/2 C chopped pecans

Directions Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

In a small bowl, whisk your eggs until the yolks are runny, this will help make lighter cookies.

Process your strawberries in a food chopper or a food processor. 

In large bowl, cream together butter, white sugar, and brown sugar until smooth. Make sure the mix is not grainy.

Add the eggs and vanilla, beat until super fluffy.

Gradually, stir the flour, adding the baking soda, cinnamon, and salt into butter mixture.

Gradually add in oats, craisins, white chocolate chips, strawberries, and pecans.

Drop by teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake 12 minutes or until golden brown. Cool slightly, remove from sheet to wire rack. Cool completely.

Yields approximately 4 dozen gems of sheer goodness!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wedding face

My brother is getting married this Saturday, and I thought about doing my own face. What do you all think of this look?